HITECH with its prime focus on customer satisfaction is structured into 3 verticals viz. Oil & Gas, Capital & Process Equipment, Water & Welding managed by experienced professionals. HITECH has globally renowned partners to support its business objectives. With its dynamic approach to business, HITECH has been highly adaptable to market & customer needs. It has been successfully involved into product sales and has also completed TURNKEY PROJECTS in specialized areas like Pumping Stations (MEI), Sea Water Intake & Outfall, Instrumentation & Control SCADA, Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Water Hammer & Surge Protection System, Heat Exchange, Gas Treatment Plants, Filtration & many more.

HITECH also has a strong team to support after sales & service needs of the customer along with field installation and commissioning. HITECH has successfully completed various Service, Over Hauling, Operation & Maintenance and, Commissioning jobs with critical timelines to support customers’ schedules.

Through its diligent efforts, Hi-Tech has also won the admiration of its principals who acknowledge Hi-Tech and the Al Hassan Group as one of its best partners worldwide.





Completed Projects

Oil & Gas Division

Product Range

> DSS, SDSS, SS & CRA Pipes & Fitting

> Manual & Actuated Valves

> PIG Signalers, Launchers

> Field Instruments

(Pressure & Temperature Transmisstters, Flow Meters, Analysers)

> Pig Launchers & Receievers

> DCS Systems

Capital & Process equipments Div

Product Range

> Boilers & Heaters

> Plate Heat Exchangers

> Pressure Vessels

> HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generators)

> Governor

> Desalters

> Deareators

> Flares & Incinerators

Water & Welding Division

Product Range

> HDPE Pipes, Fittings &, Manholes (Intake & Outfall Pipelines)

> DI Pipes & Fitting (Sewerage Network Pipeline)

> CS Pipes & Fitting

> Pumps (Water, Waste Water) (Large Pumping Stations) (Sea Water Intake Pumps)

> Pumps - API 610 (Centrifugal API 610 Pumps)

> Surge Protections System (Surge Vessels)

> Variable Frequency Drives (MV/ LV)

> Soft Starters

> Intake Screens (Drum Screens)

> Welding Consumables & Accessories (Welding Consumables)